New Products

New Product Launches at One Love Garden Supply

One Love Garden Supply is the leading supplier of indoor and outdoor garden equipment in Colorado. They are proud of their growth and ability to supply Boulder Colorado with all of their indoor and outdoor supplies and is pleased to announce some exciting new product lines which will add to the ability for their customers to grow healthy and vibrant plants.

According to Mike, the owner at One Love Garden Supply, “We offer only the best quality garden supplies, so that our customers are always satisfied and keep coming back to us. We strive to offer gardening supplies where we don’t engage in a one-time sale, but where we make customers for life.”

He further adds that “We have taken the level of garden supply business to the next level by offering a wide range of products along with information and guidance on procedures to help everyone establish only the highest quality of plants with vibrant and healthy yields. Our grow shop also provides live demos so that novice or amateur gardeners can know what is right and what is not for their gardens, with live examples of how to use these products for healthy growing.”

A number of customers were interviewed at the One Love Garden Supply store, and all of them seemed to be more than satisfied. Many of them were return customers and they claimed that they found the product lines which One Love is now introducing were excellent in terms of quality and price in comparison to other local supply shops. The new products helped nourish the plants with nutrients and other important constitutes they didn’t know of before.

The owner adds, “We have recently added a new list of products to our inventory. We have chosen products in a way to ensure that your plants get what is best for them.”

He states, “One Love Garden Supply has recently launched Cycos Nutrient Line of products which helps give plants every nutrient required for complete growth and overall well-being. Bio Bizz Organic Liquids make one of the leading products that has helped our customers with the proper growth and health of their plants. This range of liquids consists of Bio Bloom and Bio Grow which have been recognized as one of the leading nutrient products for plants.”

One Love Garden Supply has also introduced DutchMaster Fertilizers along with other Growth Enhancers which have been included to meet the ever-growing needs of their customers demands.

As the leading organic and hydroponic supply shops in Colorado, One Love is happy to also announce the release of Nectar Of The Gods. This is another new product line being offered, and as the name suggests, it is the send all for any serious gardener. This nutrient line is self-explanatory. It contains a superior mixture of minerals and nutrients have been used for improving all types of plants in your garden, from their root to the tip. Mike states “The Nectar of Gods provides all the necessary food to the plants so that they can thrive in the harshest conditions.” About his shops new cutting edge gardening products, he says, “Our new cutting edge gardening products will help gardeners improve the complete outlook of their garden while making the plants healthier.”

The Growlite OG

The Growlite OG is truly a one-of-a-kind reflector. It is the coolest running reflector on the market dues to the Vertical Bulb Position with complete controlled air-flow. Provides much more even light distribution to your plants and can extend bulb life by up to 30%. Light output has been measured to be more than 30% more than traditional horizontal air-cooled reflectors. No more sending light into your ducting!

MAC's Miracle Mildew Wash

One of the most common diseases on many types of plants is powdery mildew.  It affects roses, grasses, maple trees, stone fruit, cherries, apples, grapes, palms several varieties of melons and most plants that have broad leaves.  This can result in damaged produce and lost crops.  Our Miracle Mildew Wash is not only effective, with results you can see almost immediately, but it is non-toxic and so safe it can be applied up to and after harvest! No residual to worry about washing off and the flavor of fruit is not affected.  In our continuing research we have also found this formula seems to repel many of the problem pests as well, such as grasshoppers and black gnats. This stuff really works! All of our customer have come back for more! More effective and cheaper than other products on the market!

General Hydroponics CALiMAGic    

CaliMagicGallon webCALiMAGic™ is a concentrated blend of readily available Calcium and Magnesium. It is formulated to assist fast growing plants by preventing secondary nutrient deficiencies. CALiMAGic helps optimize plant nutrition and enhances plant growth and development while preventing blossom end rot and tip burn in many crops such as tomatoes and lettuce as well as other Calcium intensive plants. Use CALiMAGic as a part of your regular feeding program, it is a clean, fully soluble product that will not clog spray lines or drip emitters and is safe to use in reservoirs combined with many other fertilizers. Contains less nitrogen than other major Calcium Magnesium products, making it an ideal choice for flowering or fruiting plants that require additional Calcium and Magnesium without the added Nitrogen.

House & Garden Amino Treatment

house garden prod amino webAmino Treatment is a groundbreaking new product from House and Garden Nutrients containing high quality silica and amino acids specifically formulated to encourage root development, vegetative growth, fruit formation, and flower production.  Amino acids are the basic building blocks for proteins and enzymes, which are essential to the structure and the metabolism of plants. Adding amino acids to your nutrient program has been shown to increase chlorophyll concentration in the plant, enabling a higher degree of photosynthesis and growth. As a result plants can produce larger, better-formed fruits and flowers with increased flavors and aromas.

Along with amino acids, Amino Treatment contains a carefully selected balanced complex of ingredients, including small silicate particles that are much smaller than those that you find in normal silicon. Silicon strengthens plants so they can better tolerate environmental stresses such as cold, heat, drought, salt buildup, and mineral toxicity or deficiency. Plants incorporate silicon into their cell wall, storing excess amounts as foundational support between cells. This forms a protective barrier against destructive pathogens and parasites while increasing the structure, support and metabolism of the plant.  Increased levels of silicon protect your plants from stress, heat, and disease while providing the building blocks needed to increase the quality and quantity of your harvest.

Discover the benefits of adding Amino Treatment to your nutrient program.  Enjoy higher levels of photosynthesis, thicker stems, increased root zone activity, increased sugar content, and higher quality and quantity of fruits with this carefully selected blend of ingredients. Amino Treatment is designed for use in all soil, soilless, and hydroponic applications. Add Amino Treatment with every watering until three weeks before harvest.
APPLICATION: First add the base nutrient and then adjust the pH. Mix thoroughly and let stand. Then add Amino Treatment and other stimulators such as Roots Excelurator.  Refer to the feeding chart for detailed usage instructions.

House & Garden Nitrogen Boost

house-and-garden-nitrogen-boost webAround the world growers utilize many different methods of growing. In Holland it is typical for gardeners to grow many small plants and only veg their plants for two weeks. With this method the plants stay small and their need for Nitrogen is relatively low.  Here in the US we also have a myriad of different growing methods but more typically gardeners will grow fewer, large plants. To get these larger plants the vegetative cycle must be longer requiring higher levels of Nitrogen. House & Garden’s base nutrients were formulated with the Dutch market in mind and lack the higher levels of Nitrogen to support such large, heavy feeding plants. We’ve heard requests from many growers in the US for more Nitrogen in base nutrients and to accommodate these requests House & Garden is introducing Nitrogen Boost. Nitrogen Boost contains only Nitrogen and is very concentrated. At 1 – 4 mL per gallon a little goes a long way. Use Nitrogen Boost any time additional levels of Nitrogen are needed.  Even our customers that felt like their plants had adequate amounts of nitrogen have been blown away by the response of their plants. This stuff will make your plants grow faster, lusher, and healthier 

Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i didn't get up to look for the cable
Jessica: your an asshole
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol.. nevermind
Jessica: nevermind what
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: nevermind to me being an asshole
look whos talkind
Jessica: hey btw you never answered my question earlier
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol.. since you didn't email
Jessica: whats up with the themes being placed on the site
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i forgot it the next day
Jessica: lol
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: though all of them are up on the server
Sent at 10:18 PM on Thursday
Jessica: hi
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: hey
Jessica: whatchya doing
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: youtubing and templating
Jessica: get me trhat video man
I need a laugh
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol.. i will get that to you man.. don't feel like getting up and hunt the usb cable.. i will get that emailed to you tomorrow morning
my time
Jessica: you will forget man
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol.. email me in that case
Jessica: you will still forget
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol
no i will not
Jessica: so did you start coding titan btw
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: since your subject says it and i don't read that email until i get done with the job
and not yet
that is on my list for tomorrow
Jessica: ok
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: did you invoice mark?
Jessica: yes
he has not paid it yet
i will mention that tom
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok
and did sean ever come back with the data?
Jessica: nope but I emailed him earlier for that
and also did you get my articles?
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: make sure that either i get it before tomorrow morning or i will deal with that over the weekend
and about the articles, i just texted sara and she said she was still working on them so i will shoot them to you as i get up tomorrow morning for sure
Jessica: ok they are due tom so hope they dont require much editing and you have people in pakistan named sarah?
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes.. sara mahmood
i had a class mate with the name
sara ali
Jessica: are they hot
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: haha.. sara ali was like way too hot... didn't see sara mahmood live since i don't meet writers working from home
Jessica: ask her if she wants to come to america to get married
the hot sara
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: haha... who is she going to get married to?
Jessica: me
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: haha.. and jessica?
Jessica: I* thought it is legal to have 4 wives
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: haha...
Jessica: ok so ask her if she would like to come to america and get married
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: haha.. i sure will.. though i was never in good terms with her
Jessica: why?
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: she was always a pain.. someone who always wanted to boss around... the kind of people i don't really like
Jessica: like me?
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: haha... yea.. you got me... ;)
Jessica: sounds like a match
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: hahaha..
aren't you working?
Jessica: for us yes
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: for const pipeline?
and what are you working at btw?
Jessica: I am always working for us. As we chat I make calls and leave messages. Most of the people dont answer the phone because they know they owe and if they answer they will have to give me money
and for us I answer emails and phone calls and stuff and pass emails
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol... good...
Jessica: and of course come up with my great ideas
good read
like i said, web services are not taxed
but still
this is just a forum post i got
Jessica: not true
all business profits are taxed along with individual incomes are taxed
n Texas we don't charge sale tax on labor.
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: you don't trust me on that... lol.. like i said, all internet services are not taxed!
Jessica: and texas may not
have state income tax
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: even paypal taxes you when you're selling products
Jessica: but they still have to pay
federal income tax
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: shipping them actually
Jessica: no
only if it is from a seller sending to a buyer located in the same state
Jessica: if its across state line their is no tax
ok let me explain this too you because const pipe
provides info over the net
that they sell
so I am familiar with this
so let me finish and then Ill say done and you can comment
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: before you talk about this
here is something i found
Sales of software considered to be intangible

Custom software is usually not considered tangible property. In most cases it is considered services. In states that subject services to sales tax, custom software may be taxable. At least nine states tax all forms of software, including custom software.(23) Once again, the seller needs to consult the rules in each state in which it has nexus.
so you're partially right
Jessica: no
I am all the way right
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: Electronically delivered software

Shrink-wrapped or canned software delivered electronically may be considered the sale of tangible or intangible property depending on the state in which it is sold. States have different rules regarding the liability to collect sales and use tax on canned software which is transferred electronically. In Texas the sale of canned software is taxable as tangible personal property contained on "electronic media."(24) Pennsylvania taxes the sale of a license to use canned software as a sale of a computer service.(25) Illinois taxes the electronic transmission of software. Illinois has specific language in its sales and use tax rules that say the sale of "canned software" is subject to sales tax regardless of how the software is transferred.(26)

Some states do not tax electronically transferred software, even though they may tax the same software sold in a box. California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, South Carolina, and Utah are all states that exempt from sales tax canned software that is transmitted electronically.(27) California, for example, will not tax canned software if it is "transferred electronically from the seller's place of business, to or through the purchaser's computer, and the purchaser does not obtain possession of any tangible personal property, such as storage media, in the transaction." (28)
go ahead
Sent at 11:34 PM on Thursday
Jessica: So there are two levels of government that impose taxes. State and federal. Each state has their own guidelines for taxes. The state that I live in does not have a "Income Tax" so employees wages are not taxed on the state level. However, oregon which is 5 minutes away from me does tax on that level. But the federal government taxes ALL. Now my state does have sales tax on services and products they do sell but this tax is only for individuals or companies that reside in the state of washington. Washington law makes all services purchased by out of state customers exempt from this sales tax. This is one reason const pipe does not sell a service in washington state by does so in other states. But when conducting internet commerce the laws of the shipping state prevail. Meaning wherever the service is provided is the state that the law applies
so that is why this state is a good state for us
to operate business from.
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok.. so we get one good signal.. lol..
btw, i found this interesting
Don't call your state agency and ask for the answer. That is like calling the fox into the hen house and asking if he will take any of the chickens. They are greedy and will take every last cent you will send them rightfully or wrongfully.

In my state web sites are taxable as of last year, but only the initial building of a site. Work performed on a site that is already in existence isn't subject to sales tax. Also I never pay this tax in any other state but my own.

I would find a really good accountant, preferably one who has a legal background as well. Ask them what specifically is taxable and then don't pay a penny more.

My accountant discovered that some software that I implement would have been totally subject to sales tax for not only the software, but also implementation, training, customization etc. I found out if I invoiced separately this didn't qualify. So I invoice for just the software and then a separate invoice for the services or labor piece, which I then don't charge sales tax on because the law is worded that separate invoices allows this. Here is what the state told me when I called. They said that anything I do that is associated with the software is taxable and sales tax is due on everything. My accountant (who is a lawyer as well) pointed out the exact law to me and them and showed them they were incorrect. They backed down and now I invoice everything separately. However you can see if I didn't have this guy on my team I would have to collect a lot more taxes, which of course the state doesn't mind but my clients do.
this is what i said earlier today
btw, i am just helping you grab information
so we can have a debate on all subjects and things get sorted out easily
Jessica: yes but what state
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: he didn't mention this
Jessica: exactly like I said washington has a sales tax on services and products but out of staters are exempt from this tax, now oregon on the other hand has no sales tax but they do have an employee income tax which washington state does not
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: and about the point i was talking about earlier today
Jessica: some states have both btw
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: So it seems like the govt still gets the money anyway, just not in the form of a sales tax. That seems kind of rough that money not counted as profit has to be taxed as far as personal income. So if you make 25k in a year, and 12k of that went into business overhead, you're still getting taxed on the whole 25k. So out of the 13k left for you to live on, you'd lose a big chunk of that.
this is the question
If you make 25k in a year and have 12k of legitimate deductions, then the remaining 13k is taxable income.
this is the repl
Jessica: just so you know state income tax and sales tax
is the answer
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: If you make 25k in a year and have 12k of legitimate deductions, then the remaining 13k is taxable income
this is the answer to"
So it seems like the govt still gets the money anyway, just not in the form of a sales tax. That seems kind of rough that money not counted as profit has to be taxed as far as personal income. So if you make 25k in a year, and 12k of that went into business overhead, you're still getting taxed on the whole 25k. So out of the 13k left for you to live on, you'd lose a big chunk of that.
Jessica: yes
that is the basic understanding that I have which I expressed to you this morning but still need to consult an attorney about
or accountant*
I mean
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes... someone who knows both will be just awesome
i am tired now
got to sleep
Jessica: ok good night
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: good night
Sent at 11:46 PM on Thursday
Jessica: ah man
balian is really ill man
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: what happened to him?
Jessica: he has some type of oral viral infectection and has blisters all in his mouth , tongue and throat. It is not strep throat either. But it
hurts him so bad
he cant eat
doesnt want to drink
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: not even water?
Jessica: and is running a 102.5 temp
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ouch...
Jessica: not even water
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: did you take him to a doctor?
Jessica: yes last night
I have medicine
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: is he taking them?
Jessica: but that takes time
forcibly yes I had to tell him the cops will come and take him away if he does not take them
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol... man! you're really an ass...
don't scare him that way
do you have a mouth wash at home?
Jessica: wht else could I do man
I was trying for like 20 minutes
and yes
the dr gave me what they call "
magic mouthwash
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: if you have a mouth wash and a medicated one, give it to him and ask him to rinse it
that would make his blisters numb and he will feel better for a while
Jessica: even he did not want to do that
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: thought rinsing will be a real tough time
Jessica: Like I said I had to scare him to get him to take this
man I tried for 20 minutes
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: it is really hard getting kids towards medicine
but i'm sure mouth wash will make him feel better
Jessica: insha allah
It just sucks
I hate seeing him in so much pain
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i understand my friend...
he is going to get well soon insha Allah...
Jessica: insha Allah
How did your
cousins surgery go
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: postponed!
Jessica: for what
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: might take place later today
the doctor had to see another emergency so he postponed this
Jessica: oh I see
and what is your cousins surgery for
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: he has some issue with his liver
Jessica: oh he has a serious problem then
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes but not alarming
Jessica: cirrosus
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i am not sure of the exact name
Jessica: does he or used to drink a bit of alcohol
a lot
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: no! but he always was a beef lover
Jessica: what does eating cows have to do with it
Thats our main staple meat here
Whats the correlation to beef I dont get it
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i don't know... that is his only habit i know.. i don't know if he ever drank... like not in front me me at least...
Jessica: Liver issues are very serious. Usually the two main issues is like cirrosus or hepatitist
and sometimes both
My dad had to get chemo therapy
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i will have to ask the doctor in that case
Jessica: to treat his
so you are witrh company
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yea
by company i meant dotsol
Jessica: lol
Can they see our chats btw
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol.. the day they're going to see this chat, they'll think we're making fools out of them...
Jessica: hahaha
but we love them
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes we do
but our chats don't give this impression that we work together
Jessica: who me and you
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes
Jessica: really
I think opposite
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: for most of the time
we're chatting random stuff
Jessica: oh yes true
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: so if they're going to read this most chat, they would never know we work...
like we're talking for a bit
did we ever talk about work
Jessica: no Because
I am sharing my concerns over my son
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes... and do you share your concerns on a lot of subjects, like family, work and ect with anyone else that you chat with?
Jessica: I dont really chat to anyone but you and mark lol.byt on topic of work how is that email template coming
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: awais just got rid of one site setup for iphoneunlocking
for a client
and he is about to start with the psd design
i am going to code that myself
Jessica: oh you have some other iphone job come in
or is this the same
as like 5 months agp
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: it is from the same client...
another job
i wonder what is he doing with theses sites
he ranks them and sell iphone unllocking solutions
Jessica: yes I was wondering the same when you mentioned it
are they getting traffic
this is the other site
the new one is
Jessica: he needs to set up
a paypal button on his
does anyine by this
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: he cannot access paypal since he lives in africa
Jessica: the way it is
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: he sells all this stuff through 2checkout i assume
Jessica: even still he should integrate this to hi site
does he get many purchases
like this
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes
he does
he showed me his sales return one day
Jessica: what was it
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: he was making around 1500 dollars this way
Jessica: what the unlock
how does he get this info
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: he gets it from one free site
and sells the content for money
Jessica: hmm
why are you not doing the same
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: he asked me to become his partner, build sites and get 50% but i never considered this
Jessica: why not
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i don't know
never felt like doing that
not with him
but i guess we can do it if this appeals you
i will have to interview him though
Jessica: bcuz he ias african huh
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: not because of that
but he was never honest
his name was some african name
while he always dealt with me as Michael Shore
and always said that his associate would pay
while the associate was he himself
Jessica: oh yes and that is becuz he is african. He probably also sends those "Im a prince in Africa and I need you to send me a thousand $$$ so I can claim my fortune. In return Ill give you 1 million
email spam
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol
that spam sucks
Jessica: I dont know what it is called there in paki but here it is called the Nigerian Email Scam
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol.. they get filtered as spam so i read them rarely
Jessica: oh yes where is my video man
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: still in my phone
Jessica: yeah I know
I wil not ask about it again. Like the pictures of you home you were going to send or put on FB lol another promised unfilled. I have come to accept this
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol.. damn... you still remember those...
let me do that now...
Jessica: btw on your profile pic
who are those
other people
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: the older one is my old man and the younger one is sibghat
my youngest brother
Jessica: old man
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: haha
my dad
Jessica: oh over here that has a diferent reference
old man
but yes
sibghat looks young
how old is he
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: he is 12 now
masha Allah
Sent at 12:57 PM on Friday
Jessica: hey
so I have a good question for you
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol...
your questions are never good
go ahead
Jessica: So if something were to happen to you does anybody know to tell me as obviously the support of myy family is partially dependent on you :)
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol... in case i have an accident or something serious?
i thought you were going to ask about the articles
Jessica: yes
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: haha
not sure but if sibghat is going to see your chat messages coming in while he will be playing games on my laptop when i die, he will surely tell you... lol...
but yes, that is something i will have to ask my family to do if something serious happens to me
Jessica: i did not say die
but ye
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol... i was talking about the extreme that could happen to one living
Jessica: now tell me where are these articles
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol
Jessica: ?
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i knew that
emailing you in a minute
Jessica: I hired a back up writer just in case your writer was late
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: don't
since i knew the timeline and they're all ready
Jessica: ok
that is good
let me see
I will brb
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok
Jessica: checking on balian he is moaning
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok
Sent at 1:08 PM on Friday
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: like this page
need this for a friend
Sent at 1:22 PM on Friday
Jessica: hello
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: hey
Jessica: had to lay with little guy and soothe him fell asleep. He just got up crying and now he is in the bath soaking
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: that is np
i understand
Jessica: what is all these unsubjected emails from you
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: articles
4 emails
Jessica: I have 3 emails with articls for a total of 6 artivcles
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: the emails with documents with dates in them are having more then one articles
Jessica: so there is a total of 10 here
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes
Jessica: ok I will review these later
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok
are you going to the office today?
Jessica: I dont think at least this morning I am, Balain has a DR appt at 10 this morning I think I am going to take him to this
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok...
i asked the question for the same reason
Jessica: and then perhaps later this afternoon
I will go in
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok
Jessica: I like the email design by the way
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: good to code?
Jessica: We are going to keep it simple on words though something catchy like We will build your website for FREE
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: do you know how to use paint?
Jessica: but its nice
your very first job for me
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol... oh good... can you mess up the design i just sent
Jessica: lol
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes
Jessica: Remember
mess it up
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: start painting
Jessica: why would I do that
I like
the B@B@B@B
oh sorry
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: painting as in mess it up with what you want to be where
i loved the way we worked on the first project
Jessica: np
I got you
I have to go get balian out of the bath brb
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok
Sent at 3:34 PM on Friday
Jessica: .ok
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: now mess it up with paint
and send it back to me
Jessica: Oh I have just waked let me get some coffe now and drink this so I am fully awake
and can think
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol... ok
Sent at 3:41 PM on Friday
Jessica: what are these articles about
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: renewable energy
and the first five being news on renewable energy from google news
Jessica: like this is the first one I opened and while the writing itself is ok I have no idea who is being talked about, nor where is being talked about.
The third renewable energy bid status has been postponed by eight months
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: which document is it?
Jessica: just sent it to you
Sent at 4:45 PM on Friday
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: hey
i am rushing to the doctor and will be back in like an hour
meanwhile i will be online on mobile
Sent at 4:50 PM on Friday
Jessica: ok
Sent at 4:56 PM on Friday
Jessica: hello
u there
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: no
Jessica: so yes
u r
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: no
i am not
Jessica: lol
so did you get my text message
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes
and i am sure you didn't get my reply
check your operator man
Jessica: nope
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: they're blocking my text messages
Sent at 8:06 PM on Friday
Jessica: idk
but what was ur reply
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i said i am going to do as much as i can today.
but still, call your telecom operators helpline and ask them whats the problem
Jessica: Can you send me all of the login material for this site I have to provide everything to sean he wants to look at everything
I told him I would send it to him at one so get as much done as possible
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: like i said yesterday, i want all what he needs to have by today your morning time since this way i have to sacrify my weekends too man...
but like i said, i will try to get done as much as i can
Jessica: N one said anything about sacrificing weekends
And sean just asked and provided this to me
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: and then sean wants much to be done today?
Jessica: anyways provide me all of the login info and he can see whatever you have done
and no that was my request to do as much as possible
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i thought if that was coming from sean
Jessica: I like to impress people with our work and response time
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i am going to kick him right in his facec
Jessica: why
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i have been asking you for the details about that site the whole week so i can ask awais to get this completed...
but there was no response
and all the response that came back was just before friday
Jessica: aiwas complete what
nav menu
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: tell me what logo do you want me to set live?
Jessica: they have not decided that yet but that should not matter with setting up nav menu
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: he wanted this to be like febc?
Jessica: your acting like this is too much of a task and only requuires about 30-60 minutes time to do this
why are you acting so weird right now
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: it is not about the task being too much.. why aren't you getting my point... i thought sean wanted this site to have most of its stuff done today itself and that is what drove me nuts that he was the one who didn't provide us with all the information we wanted to have for setting up the site and now he wants it to go live in like no time... but since that came from you, that debate is long over
half the navigation is already there
the template is all setup
Jessica: no one said live
what are you talking about
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: okj
stop right there
and wait till i tell you to check it
Sent at 8:19 PM on Friday
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: sent you an email
Jessica: on what
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ETIG
Jessica: ok
so maybe you can help me with another issue
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: what's that?
scroll the page and see how that image is going over on the right over the video
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: the image needs to be resized i assume
this is the same as i created?
Jessica: what dimensions do that image need to be to fit perfectly in its text box there
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: just a sec
let me check this real quick
if you just want to alter the width
it has to be 565
but this is when we're not changing the height
the text might look a little compressed but ok
and visible too
Jessica: I dont know what I am doing I am pulling the code from our ws
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: just a second
what code did you paste here?
Jessica: <a href="/"><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-414" title="One Love Garden Supply" src="/" alt="" width="739" height="831" /></a>
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: <a href="/"><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-414" title="One Love Garden Supply" src="/" alt="" width="565" height="831" /></a>
see if this looks ok to you
Jessica: oh hold on I gave you the wronmg one
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i guess you gave me the right one
but still
give me the right one then
Jessica: [caption id="attachment_447" align="aligncenter" width="738"]<a href="/"><img src="/" alt="Portland Oregon Grow Shop" title="West Coast Organic &amp; Hydro Shop" width="738" height="830" class="size-full wp-image-447" /></a> Portland Oregon's Premier Hydroponic Grow Shop[/caption]
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: [caption id="attachment_447" align="aligncenter" width="738"]
why are you pulling this code?
Jessica: I havent yet
I noticed I used the wrong one too
i used the first one
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: the first one you passed me on was for one love
Jessica: and just npow copied code
for the right one
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes
but let me adjust this code
Jessica: yes I need for west coast
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: so it fixes
<a href="/"><img src="/" alt="Portland Oregon Grow Shop" title="West Coast Organic &amp; Hydro Shop" width="565" height="830" class="size-full wp-image-447" /></a>
hold on
a href="/"><img src="/" alt="Portland Oregon Grow Shop" title="West Coast Organic &amp; Hydro Shop" width="565" height="830" /></a>
this is fine
<a href="/"><img src="/" alt="Portland Oregon Grow Shop" title="West Coast Organic &amp; Hydro Shop" width="738" height="830" class="size-full wp-image-447" /></a>
Jessica: ok how does it look to you
still the same to me
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: <a href="/"><img src="/" alt="Portland Oregon Grow Shop" title="West Coast Organic &amp; Hydro Shop" width="565" height="830" /></a>
copy this code as is
Sent at 9:25 PM on Friday
Jessica: ok that worked
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: the last code was missing the width changes i made
Sent at 9:28 PM on Friday
Jessica: ok
the slider is live too
just need the right content there
Jessica: Just put in dlorem ipsum text on all the pages you make
We will get the content soon
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok
Jessica: So I have to run to the pharmacy real quick
pick up meds for my son
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok
Sent at 9:33 PM on Friday
Jessica: back
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok
Sent at 10:29 PM on Friday
Jessica: whatchaya doing
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: reservoir dogs
a movie
Jessica: good movie
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yea
its been half hour but is great so far
Jessica: first time you have watched it
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes
a friend suggested this to me
Jessica: Cool enjoy
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: what are you doing?
Jessica: working
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: how is balian?
Jessica: sleeping
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: cool.. is he better?
Jessica: not yet
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: he sure will soon.. :)
Jessica: probably will have to take a few days to feel better
the dr said
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: that it will take him a while to get back to normal?
Jessica: yep
like a few days for his mouth to feel better and a week for it all to clear up
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i hope it clears up soon...
Jessica: the doc today said its foot hand and mouth virus
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ouch man
this sucks
one of my cousins had this last year and she was crying like anything
Jessica: is she young
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes
4-5 years of age
Sent at 10:39 PM on Friday
Jessica: sean is on the phone
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: what is he saying?
Jessica: hold one sec
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok
Sent at 10:43 PM on Friday
Jessica: so you want to do a little joomla work
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: how little is that?
Jessica: creat one page to existing site
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i can try
right now?
Jessica: no
maybe i will try
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok.. try and let me know if you cannot work it out
btw, his call was about this work only?
Jessica: lol
Sent at 10:48 PM on Friday
Jessica: still on with him btw
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok
Sent at 10:52 PM on Friday
Jessica: ok off
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: so whats the word bird?
Jessica: creat one new page on west coast and one love with link to the page on the nav sytem
and he is going to texas next week so will have more details
on etig
thoiugh when he gets by a computer
he will look at whats there now
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok
good so engineer
start working on joomla
Jessica: lol
do you want to do it
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol... yes... but when you give up...
or i can do this tomorrow morning my time
Jessica: Oh I will figure it out
its not that complicated
Remember I looked at the cms too
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes
i know you did
so i just said you can try and give it a go
Jessica: if you want to do it go ahead that is really your gig anyway I just said I might because I know you dont want to do it right this second
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i can do it tomorrow morning for sure
so you can send me the login details
Jessica: I would like to have you do it when I am online
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: we can do this your morning then
Jessica: ok
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: cool
i am going off to bed now
Jessica: ok
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: you too
Jessica: and thanks for the video
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: let me drop the photos to dropbox before i forget
Sent at 11:01 PM on Friday
Jessica: they want to edit it
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: they can access it through php my admin
we created a plugin to pull data
that was what we were asked for
Jessica: Ok can you write a more detailed reply then
or is this sufficient
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i am still confused about what they want but this is sufficient
Jessica: he said
a copy of the table that's live
is what he wants
the client wants to edit it and I can't find where in the WP admin
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol.. as if there is just one table online...
man there are a LOT of tables inside the site that are all LIVE
Jessica: so essentially he wants to know how he can edit this
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: so what table is what i need to know
edit what?
should i give you the list of tables?
Jessica: oh
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: that is such a vague statement to pass to a developer my friend
Jessica: I guess you have a point
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: thank you for understanding
just ask him what table he wants to edit
Jessica: sent
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ij
Jessica: ok
and thanks for the video
Sent at 11:11 PM on Friday
Jessica: r u up yet
Sent at 8:04 AM on Saturday
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes now
Sent at 9:45 AM on Saturday
Jessica: you always reespond
and like 15 minutes after i go to sleep
Sent at 3:55 PM on Saturday
Jessica: blah
Sent at 5:17 PM on Saturday
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: heya
and i wait for you to go to sleep and text you
Sent at 6:56 PM on Saturday
Jessica: i know
you wait till it turns orange
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol... no! every time i try and text you back, i see it green
else i dont
Jessica: umm hmm
So whats up
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: dad is around so just chatting with people and having fun with him
Jessica: cool
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: how is balian?
Jessica: he is getting blisters all over his body. I had to run to the store and buy $100 worth of powerful cleaning agents so we can thoroughly disinfect our home. I dont want my little girl getting this
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: that is good as a precaution
but his infection had to spread to a maximum and then it will start going down
Jessica: yes I guess it lasts like 10 days
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: 3 to get to maximum... 3 to recover... an then it takes a few days for the skin marks to go
Jessica: hope so
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: recite Al-Shafio and i don't know what does "phook" mean in english
but blow from your mouth on him
Jessica: Al-Shafio?
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i don't know how to translate that
Jessica: Fatiha
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: AL SHAFIYO is deriviated from Al-Shafi that is one of Allah's name that means the one who gives shifa (health)
Sent at 7:51 PM on Saturday
Jessica: ok so are you ready to work
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes
Jessica: lol I was jk btw I know you are visiting with your father
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: no
my father is visiting us
Jessica: yes by you are visiting with him. Learn english man, lol, over here when someone says you are visiting that includeds both hosts and guests and just refers to being with company
Before we are done I will teach you English
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol... you need not to... i have all the rights to mess with you
Jessica: lol
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: so whats up?
Jessica: Did you read the email about the articles btw
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes
i never checked them and thought you will
since sara wrote 4 out of the 10 and i had to get the rest of 6 from faseeh and he sucked as always
Jessica: I did and edited when need be and all passed copyscape
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: so what was the problem with them/
Jessica: this is what I told to him
Put them in google translate? I am not sure what you are talking about? These articles are written from actual news articles and were written in such a way to be 100% to pass copyscape to be 100% unique. I am not sure how the translate into your language of spanish but these articles are written in very good english. I am not sure what your translater is talking about. I ask that you re look at these articles as they are very well written and I will be contesting the fact of this, unless you can specifically point to each issue that may exist with each specific article where it is gramatically inaccurate, or topically incorrect I have to stand that the articles are good.
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: were their editors from india?
jobs that deal specifically with writings suck man... the buyer can claim at any point of time that they're not native even if you ask shakespear to write them
Jessica: yes I know I was actually pissed at his email so after I sent the above I then sent this lol
And to accuse me to put these in google translate is quite an accusation on your part just so you know. I live in Portland, am an AMERICAN-White at that, born and raised here. To accuse me of putting something in google translate is very far fetched and shows the skill of you English editor just so you know. I don't know, if this is some scam of yours to get free writting, but $30 doesn't make or break me or my company, but it is the point of you or whoever, trying to accuse me of placing these in google translate and is a completely ridiculous accusation, so I would appreciate if you would, as I stated earlier, re look at these articles as they are very well written and I will be contesting the fact of this, unless you can specifically point to each issue that may exist with each specific article where it is gramatically inaccurate, or topically incorrect I have to stand that the articles are good. But Once this project is over I will not be working with you again as I can plainly see exactly what this is on your part.
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol... racist!
I pass the articles to my English editor and thinks that the articles are very poorly written. It seems you put them in google translate, I can’t upload the articles as they are.
even i write far bettter english then this
Jessica: Me racisit
I am going to abort that job in FL man
to avoid the bad feed back
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: AMERICAN-White at that, born and raised here
this made me call you a racist
but you know what to do
Jessica: Ok then I have another problem too
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: whats that?
Jessica: is not paying man
what do you think about removing his site
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol... did he reply back?
to your request of payment?
Jessica: nope
its been over a week
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: and had he been online since then?
Jessica: and i have sent many emails and paypal reminders
Sent at 8:20 PM on Saturday
Jessica: what do you say
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: you got this project through FL?
Jessica: initially
but we are out of that now
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: are you done with the review part with this client?
Jessica: yes\
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: and how much does he owes you?
Jessica: $200
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok... send him a polite reminder that he owes you $200 and not as a threat but in the most polite words tell him that you're going to revoke all the work you've done in the recent month that costs $200 that he owes you and we'll do as much as we can to get his site FUCKED UP if he does not pay in like three-five days
Jessica: then he will block us from being able to login to his wp account
right now we still have access
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: we're not going to say that we're going to fuck up his site man... we're just referring to the money he owes us and we're going to tell him that we'll revoke the work done that is worth 200 maybe removing a few links we've posted for him since we're not paid for that but actually, we'll be fucking his site up...
how does that sound to you?
Sent at 8:30 PM on Saturday
Jessica: ???
Your payment is pass due for the work which I have completed. To me it is now evident that you have no intentions of paying for the work which I have completed according to our agreement. If this balance is not paid in full within the next 48 hours I will be revoking all of the work done for the past 2 months. This includes removal of all links and bookmarks created to help your sites rankings, so you will also have to start from scratch on building all of this. I also have a list of all of your url's that you own
this is what I started to write
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: this sounds great... and is there a way we don't remove his site but still fuck him in search engines?
and how much has he invested in SEO already??
Jessica: $200
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: he paid this 200?
and this 2nd month
he is not paying
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok... lol
so do you want me to fuck his site up or wait for his response?
Jessica: I guess we can redirect his site to gr8biz ;)
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol... so he knows what to fuck when he is pissed off
Jessica: yes.
do you still have the godaddy ftp login stuff
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: if you passed that to me here or in email
i might have it
Jessica: it my login
to godaddy
then his sites ar ein my list of sites
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes i do
so what are we after?
Jessica: ok lets do three things right now
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: redirection to greatbusinessreviews?
Jessica: 1) Make sure his site is set to not be indexed, 2) remove the google + code and 3) redirection to a page on gr8biz that says please pay your invoice now. Your Balance is past due"
I will creat tee gr8biz page now
did you respond something
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: not really
i was wondering if this is really something appropriate to do
i mean this isn't as bad as what he deserves
Jessica: appropriate to do"
what do you mean
well froom his list of sites we can redirect all of them
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol... noindexing his site will not get us any advantage like it will be just one line that he can get removed...
Jessica: I was also going to change his wp admin login info
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: he can recover that from the backend
Jessica: yes so how can you prevent this
I guess we can take his site down
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: that is possible... like if you really want to take a revenge...
Jessica: and have a blank page that says the same as the link I just gave you
not revenge
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i got your point
Jessica: for the work we have done
Including you
I guess take a back up on your end
remove his site
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: whats your godaddy again
Jessica: and make sure he does not have back ups in ftp
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok
Jessica: I dont remember
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol
Jessica: thats your domain
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol... what's your username?
if you remember that
Jessica: I dont kan
you souhould have all that
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol...
Jessica: un
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: Gr8bizdotsol!
just so you know
Jessica: ok
you should do this to all of his sites
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: take a backup and remove them?
you renewed hosting on godaddy?
it says it will expire on this date
Sent at 8:57 PM on Saturday
Jessica: no i did not let me look into this'
i will have to call them later about this
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok.. and godaddy revamped their dash so i am all confused lol
how about i take a backup of his database and clear all the tables on his site and then put up a new index.php file that redirects to your website's payment page
Sent at 9:04 PM on Saturday
Jessica: that works
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: is that a question?
Jessica: you do that let me deal with my son real quick i will be right back
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: ok
got it
Jessica: its not a ?
Sent at 9:07 PM on Saturday
Jessica: and he will not find the files anywhere
to replace it'
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i wonder if they take a database backup
web hosts takes backup usually
so he can get it back anyway
Jessica: well even if the do he will get the point
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes
Jessica: ok
I sent the email to him
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: and do you remember the noindex, nofollow line that used to be in my website?
Jessica: yes
you placed that too
Sent at 9:15 PM on Saturday
Sent at 9:18 PM on Saturday
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow"/>
adding this in their header
Jessica: ok
he will never find that
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol
like we never could
Jessica: true
but didnt you take his files out
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: i took his database tables out
Jessica: so if its backed up wont they use a different header
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: his site is lost
i didn't remove the files
Jessica: oh ok
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: actually it is the database that populates the site
and once you remove the tables
there is no content left
so what i am doing is remove the tables and make the database empty
Jessica: is that for all of his sites or just the one
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: and make a redirect in the index.php
just the one
Jessica: ok
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: header.php saved
Sent at 9:24 PM on Saturday
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: should i copy this no index line on all headers
this can be the best revenge man
Jessica: for all sites?
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: yes
Jessica: yes do it he has adsense blogs so this will hurt his revenue
just remember where you put them
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: lol.. if he gets traffic from google
i will put it in ALL
Jessica: he does
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: so we never forget
Jessica: ok
Sent at 9:28 PM on Saturday
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: brb
Sent at 9:35 PM on Saturday
Jessica: ok
Sent at 9:39 PM on Saturday
Jessica: let me know when u are back and we can
do the jooomla job
Sent at 9:45 PM on Saturday
Sabeeh-ul-Hassan: back
give me the admin details
Sent at 10:15 PM on Saturday
Jessica: you already have them
sabeeh: lool.. i wil have to hunt for them again?
i guess one day i will have to create an excel sheet with ALLLLL the details
Jessica: This email contains your username and password to log in to

Username: james
Password: cad12free
theres for one love site
sabeeh: already found them
get me the other one
Jessica: So here we need to see if there is all ready a page to list new products
if not we need to create a Page titled"New Products"
having this as a link on the main navigation.
sabeeh: new products is already up on this site
let me see if that is on the nav too
Jessica: let me see the link for this page
sabeeh: like the live link or do you want me to setup a link for this in the nav and see that?
Jessica: the live link
I need to see if we are using this one or not
sabeeh: let me see how to find that
Sent at 10:31 PM on Saturday
sabeeh: ok
the news button on the top nav is linked to this page
i was looking at the backend
Jessica: its on the main nav
sabeeh: so we're cool with this page?
Jessica: need to add some content real quick
im finding it
sabeeh: ok
Jessica: since they have this page this way we must break up the article
Jessica: you do it
sabeeh: ok
tell me what to do
Jessica: i will be patient I have to get the content
sabeeh: ok
Jessica: ok there are a few things to add the first
title this:
Cycos Nutrient Line
and here is the content
One Love Garden Supply has recently launched Cycos Nutrient Line of products which helps give plants every nutrient required for complete growth and overall well-being. Bio Bizz Organic Liquids make one of the leading products that has helped our customers with the proper growth and health of their plants. This range of liquids consists of Bio Bloom and Bio Grow which have been recognized as one of the leading nutrient products for plants